Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bradman bat practice

I had a bit of a bowl this evening. The leg breaks are going well, kind of realising that the looser my grip the more they come off the 3rd finger and spin better. I saw Warne somewhere recently talking about how loose his grip was so gave it a go and it kind of makes sense. Stopped after bowling a few of the new Grimmett Flickers and came in to watch some of the tapes I've recorded recently from the T 2o games. I'm kind of surprised that again people are so ignorant of bowling history and are making a big fuss about the fact that Mendis is bowling the Iverson-Gleeson ball. Somehow it's been renamed the Carrom Ball or something, but then again maybe it was never given a name back in the 1950's?

After ironing all my gear and the Boys gear for their game tomorrow I went out with the Bradman Bat and found a good bit of wall to bat up against. While I was ironing I was thinking that I need a good bit of wall and remembered the wall that constitutes a part of the building that's on the edge of the field where we've got our practice wicket. So I went over there and had a look. Turns out that it's a good stretch of wall and the ball bounces off the wall onto either grass or gravel which then means that it either goes straight or deviates. I'm getting so adept at hitting a small ball with 1" wide bit of stick that I reckon even with the deviations and differences in speed, bounce etc I'm hitting the ball straight off the stick 85% of the time. This surely has got to represent some kind of improvement that might transfer into a match situation? We'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime I'll carry on with it and I may try a Golf ball off this wall tomorrow and see how that works as that pings off the wall in a different manner and is obviously a lot smaller and more dificult to get the bat on.