Sunday, June 10, 2012

2nd game of the season

After some problems with the confirming whether I'd play or not, I eventually ended up in the team. Our 4th XI v Hainhalt 6th XI.
There was some confusion about what time we needed to be there and one or two of the younger lads nearly turned up at the pitch at 11.15 and thet match didn't get under way till just after one. The night before it had rained and all week on and off it had been raining as well. I got there around about 12.00 to find a couple of the U15's waiting and at the time I arrived the council roller turned up and rolled the wicket.

Despite the rolling the opposition pointed out that the wicket was a just a little soggy and didn't seem that happy and all the time more rain was threatening as well all got ready and made our way out on to the pitch. Both teams were made up of the same kind of players - U15's and older blokes and one or two blokes in their late teens.
The bowling figures for me look reasonable... 6-0-15-1, but it was very blustery and I was bowling into the wind and I'm hardly what I would describe as match fit because of the Joe factor and all that combined with a wicket that offered no bounce at all and absorbed what little energy I was able to put on the ball meant that by virtue of my poor bowling and the conditions the batsmen could hardly do anything with the ball, it was very poor.
The other wrist spinner Frank Farrington did far better than me and we bowled in tandem, he came away with 4-0-9-2, one of his wickets came off of a ball pitched very wide of the leg stump which came across round the back of the bats legs taking middle and off stumps. Batting Frank scored 6 runs before being bowled by Z Shar (Above).
The weather did cheer up early in the afternoon and the day ended up quite nice and we won.